About Us

Dr. Andreas Häberlin, Ed.D. (Owner)

Häberlin Music is the brainchild of Miami-based Swiss musician Dr. Andreas Häberlin (he/him). Growing up in a small town in rural Switzerland, the scarcity of music resources inspired Andreas to notate sheet music from recordings. Without any guidance, Andreas transcribed his favorite Jazz recordings note-by-note. It was later discovered that he has perfect pitch. Over the years, Andreas' exceptional aural skills have allowed him to work with several household names in musical theater, film scoring, arranging, and orchestration. A first-generation college student, Andreas holds an Ed.D. in Leadership & Innovation from St. Thomas University and a M.M. in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music.

What started as self-directed inquiry has become a much in-demand service. Today, Andreas and his team are thrilled to transcribe sheet music for all parts of the music industry.